Our commitments


100% natural flavourings

At Teisseire, we are continuously searching for the natural approach. We have therefore reworked our recipes to offer you natural flavours, with our classic recipes kept preservative-free.
Teisseire is committed to developing quality products that meet the expectations of consumers on a daily basis.

Our sugar free syrups

Sit back and enjoy guilt-free! With the Teisseire Sugar Free range, you can enjoy the familiar Teisseire taste and flavours in a zero sugar, zero calorie for 100% enjoyment! 


Did you know that...
Syrup is a
smart choice

With a bottle of Teisseire syrup (600ml), you can make up to 39 diluted drinks!*
A cost-effective alternative for long-lasting pleasure

*Assuming a serving size of one 200ml glass and a dilution ratio of 1:12

Dilute according to taste

Our advise for a refreshing drink with a perfectly balanced taste: dilute 1 part syrup with 12 parts water (1 tablespoon of syrup per 200ml glass).

Young and old, conscious consumers and foodies sensible and greedy, dilute as you wish!


One syrup—infinite

Would you like to treat yourself?
Try our syrups with still or sparkling water or lemonade. Or serve them as aperitifs with friends, kids’ birthday parties, and other occasions where they make a delicious addition to granitas, ice creams, smoothies, and more.

Do these ideas tickle your taste buds? Then don’t hesitate to check out Our inspirations

A French business

The Teisseire story started over 300 years ago. Even after all this time, Teisseire remains located in the heart of the Alps, close to Grenoble in Isère, where our syrups are designed and developed.*

*Some of our ingredients are not sourced in France


Our recyclable bottle


The ‘recyclable metal’ logo on every bottle attests to the fact that 100% of our metal bottles are designed to be recyclable! The metal used to make our bottles retains its properties and technical performance no matter how many times it is recycled! Since 1957, we have taken inspiration from the water bottles used by riders in the Tour de France to become the first company to develop metal bottles to keep our syrups fresh. This material helps our syrups to optimally preserve their excellent taste and other properties over time.

The recycling bin, of course!

We should never underestimate what we can do for the environment through our daily actions. Put your metal Teisseire bottle in your recycling bin to give it a second life!
Please be aware that recycling rules may vary depending on your region. Click here to find out which bin to use for your metal bottle in your area:

A shopping trolley, a bicycle, or a new bottle

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